“Vacant Houses in Philadelphia” 


Earn An Easy $500 Dollars with our Referral Program

Are you aware of any vacant houses in Philadelphia? Do you notice any vacant home while driving to work, school, the supermarket or anywhere in Philadelphia? Keep your eyes open for houses that have “For Sale By Owner” signs or vacant homes that are in obvious need of repair. You can earn cash just by referring these properties to us!

How it works?

If you are aware of a vacant home, you can call us or fill out a quick online form. Once we receive your information we will contact you within 48 hours. If we close on the property we will send a check between $500 and $2000.


What are the benefits of the referral program?

1. Once we buy the vacant property, we will fix current issues and the appearance of the house. Consequently, this will better your street view and may also increase the value of your home.

2. You will be helping homeowners that are having a hard time selling their vacant property that is in bad condition.

3. You make money without investing any of your own money or time.

How Do You Get Paid?

When we receive your referrals contact information via phone, email or submission form, we’ll first verify that it meets our simple buying criteria. If everything is satisfactory at that point, we’ll then contact the owner to discuss their options and propose our offers. If we come to an agreement and buy the house, we will send you a check between $500.00 $2,000.00 when we close on the house.


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